Who are we?

People who found our way through depression, mania, ADHD, and schizophrenia to our own path to healing our minds.

We are not doctors and hold no medical licenses. And the truth is that Psychiatry did not help us. It had the opposite effect.

And so we abandoned the disease model of modern medicine that turns people against themselves. We stopped being a patient.

That decision saved our lives.

We depended upon ourselves to learn how to understand what had happened to us. How to see ourselves as a miracle of existence. And how to see through the confusion and delusions that can arise after we started hearing voices.

Saving our own lives led to our decision to become a Mentor for others. To help them find their way out of darkness. To guide them along to own self discovery, to self love and ultimately to self healing.

What do we teach?

We show you a different perspective for looking at our consciousness. It provides a positive explanation for why our minds work the way that they do.

Put simply, that our voices are our brothers and sisters with whom we share our minds. And we should take care of one another.

Or that our minds are a multi-layered perception. Multiple aspects integrated seamlessly yet also intelligent enough to become independently self-aware. Who can share our lives together in love as a family.

Coming along with us, we are here to show you how to travel a healing path of your own. How to understand yourself with the best tool available. Your own capable, brilliant, and beautiful mind.

It takes only a willingness to spend time with yourself. Being open to accepting what you discover. As you allow yourself to accept and be true to who you are.

How can you get started?

A great place to start would be by reading our first e-book. It was written in 2018 when we experienced the epiphany that guided us along our essential journey to healing and recovery. You can get a free copy when you signup for our newsletter.

All resources are gifted to anyone for free. Take what you need. Give what you can.

Visit our Library to see what is currently available. Donations for books, videos, classes, and seminars support our continued efforts to provide resources and be a Mentor for anyone who needs our help.

Please consider providing financial assistance to ensure that those most vulnerable are able to recieve the help they need for free. You can donate at our supporting the community page or by using CashApp $VoicesHelpingVoices

You can also find books available on sale at Amazon if you prefer to support our efforts through Kindle.

In the meantime, you can Contact Us to setup group classes or a full seminar in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas.