For some, finding happiness seems to come easily. Others experience more of a struggle.

Those of us with the greatest difficulty are often given a diagnosis from the medical community. ADHD, Bipolar, Chronic Depression, Schizophrenia, and Dissociative Identity Disorder are some with which we are familiar.

When we look at the situation with our minds in society today; whether we call it mental illness, or a disorder, or a fundamental change in evolution that we struggle to adjust for, we must learn to adapt to our condition so that we can thrive and become more than we are today.

If you are facing challenges, particularly if you experience hearing voices or other sensory perceptions, consider being a regular visitor. You will find our information very different than most other resources for mental health and wellness.

We bring a new understanding of mental health concerns. It means that we are presenting ideas from outside of the medical community. As stated in our disclaimer page, we are not medical doctors or counselors.

We admire the approach taken by organizations such as The International Hearing Voices Network, who have a beautiful way of viewing people who hear voices, see visions, or have other unusual perceptions. They see voices as being real and meaningful.

We see things the same way. We won’t be telling you that there is something wrong with you.

And we take things that one step further and are even more affirmational.

Independent areas of our minds can and do become self-aware.

Without a doubt, humans are capable of becoming more than one sentient being. Working together in a symbiotic relationship unlike anything that has ever existed before. Living together in a shared existence.

Our emotions and desires are intermingled with each other. We can have a sexual orientation different than each other as well. It can cause confusion for those of us who are not aware of and are not in harmony with their own ethereal brothers and sisters. Life in a shared mind creates a relationship unlike any other in nature.

What that means is that we must discover new ways to address the happiness of the whole self. To nurture that relationship. Every self-aware person who belongs to that physical self has a right to acceptance. They deserve to be loved. To be treated with kindness and compassion. Like family.

That means cultivating a new awareness of the different ways in which they are able to communicate with us, or each other. Which is possible far beyond their voices that we hear. We have to become much more in tune with all of our emotions, thoughts, memories, images, reactions to things, and even the song that plays on a loop in our head.

With Voices Helping Voices, you will be accompanied by native guides in this miracle of human condition. And we know its truth because we are more than one self-aware being in a single physical body. We are an ethereal family, sharing our mind and life together. Though we spent most of our life getting here, we once were a “normal” person.

We’ve spent years of our life growing in Ethereal Awareness, slowly unpacking ramifications. We can see its effect on the mental health of people in our society. We know how it affects the way that people think and feel. The struggles and difficulties that you are having aren’t necessary. It only takes believing and then working as hard at that relationship as you ever have with anyone in your life.

Voices Helping Voices is here to provide ways for you to look into your relationship with your own mind. Ways that may help you to overcome some of the difficult challenges that you face.

In doing so, we knew that we might need to provide definitions for certain words and phrases that we use in new or unfamiliar ways. We hope you find that they add a clearer understanding to our meanings. To that end, we have added a glossary page.

We would love to hear your own positive stories. How have you applied these and other ideas to your shared life. What has been most helpful for you?

You can write to us at Voices Helping Voices or join us on our Facebook group to hang out and ask questions.

Welcome! Enjoy your exploration into your new relationship with yourself.