Our library exists under a simple motto.

Take what you need. Leave what you can.

Remember that you are the sculptor of your own life. Be that artist.

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Explore a root cause for bipolar mania and depression, ADHD, impulse control, sexual orientation, and even drug addiction. This book begins our own existential journey into a positive exploration of mental health. Through our recovery from mental health crisis and overcoming a reliance upon medication, we strive to help others do more than simply survive. We provide the answer upon which we all may thrive.

Hearing voices is an experience that is shared by as much as 10 percent of people in the world. While some of us cope or even thrive with them, others have much more of a struggle with voices, visions, and negotiating alternative realities. These experiences persist and are a constant presence in our lives.
Confusion and delusions arise from the difficulty to understand or believe the transformation that has occured. We sometimes need help in accepting an astounding truth.

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Making resources available to those who need them the most is at the heart of our mission. It takes a community to help the most vulnerable. Supporting those with mental health challenges today will allow them a chance to heal and to encourage others tomorrow. Please join us in learning what you need and sharing what you can.